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Identification of viable projects in the oil and gas, power and solid minerals for willing investor.
Within this scope, TATACOMS identifies projects, undertakes studies and due diligence, and arranges financing through equity and loans from reputable financial institutions involving the participation of credible corporate and individual investors. Part of such packages include TATACOMS taking up investment interest as well as management or supervisory roles in such project to underscore its confidence in whatever proposal/projects it promotes and offers to the investing public.
TATACOMS is constantly improving its capabilities in various fields of Engineering Services which include Project Engineering, Project Quality Management Services, Pipeline and Facilities Construction, Engineering Maintenance of Oilfield facilities both upstream onshore/offshore and downstream).
Its scope of operation covers the following activities:
  • Conceptual Design and Detail Engineering .
  • Construction Supervision, Testing and Commissioning Of Oil and Gas Facilities .
  • QA/QC Services, Quality Certification and Verification Management Services.
  • Flow Line and Pipeline Construction, Flow Station Construction and Upgrade, Tank Revamping and  Construction. 
  • Construction of Landing Jetty, Ramp Construction, Pile Drive, Foundation Works.
  • Design and Construction of Cold Rooms .
  • Operation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning, Refrigerating and Cooling System .
  • Integrity Management System .
  • Consultancy Services in Engineering and Project Management.


Pipelines are the arteries and vessels of the oil and gas industry. A safe, reliable, high quality pipeline is vitally important in order to ensure transport of oil and gas. Thus quality cannot be compromised because pipelines transports valuable and volatile fluids.

> Most Recently Completed Pipeline Project -DANGOTE Refinery, Lagos

Dewatering of 56 inches dual pipelines at cooling tower 1 - Dangote Refineries

Lowering of 56 inches pipelines at Dangote Refineries

Alignment of 56 inches pipelines at CT 1, Dangote Refineries

Lowering of 84 inches pipeline at cooling tower 3 at Dangote Refineries

Backfilling of 9.3 kilometers of 24 inches refined products pipelines at trading facilities section of Dangote Refineries

Creation of sand ridgesfor enhancement of joint coating on a 2.4 kiliometers of 24 & 48 inches at the sea shore at Dangote Refineries

Lowering of 26 inches fire water line at cooling tower 2 at Dangote Refineries

500 meters trench been dewatered in preparation for lowering pipelines.

150HP dewatering pumps in preparation for lowering pipelines


TATACOMS specializes in the supply of a range of audit, inspection and supervision services to manufacturing, communication, oil and gas industry, and private sectors. Services include:
  • Inspection, Testing and Integrity Status reporting
  • Equipment and Instrumentation troubleshooting
  • Control Equipment Inspection services
  • Audit Services to monitor compliance with corporate and statutory requirements  
  • Development and audit of engineering and operating procedures  
  • HAZOP, Safety Case, Risk Assessments, Trade-off Studies  

> Painting & Coating Inspection

Process/project engineers and inspectors of all disciplines, including utility, environmental,  
Right-of-way, trenching, welding and coating  can be provided in a team or individual for construction site work. This includes pipelines,  civil structures and process plants.  

> Site Construction Inspection

Technical specialists of various disciplines perform
Visual, coating, NDE, electrical and welding inspections at fabrication yards.  
Computerized traceability programs for registering  all relevant documentation and results.

> In-Service Inspection 

Site inspection services from start-up through shutdown, designed to support maintenance,  reliability and safety in various process industries 


Tanks are a major part of different types of plants found in the oil and gas industry. Tanks are used for the short term or long term storage of fluids or chemicals. A cluster of tanks in the same location is known as “tank farm”.


  • Refineries
  • Petrochemicals
  • LNG
  • Chemical industries etc

> Types of Tanks

There are different types of tanks depending on the product to be stored, potential for fire, and the volume to be handled:
  • Cone Roof TankUsed for diverse products such as petroleum, chemicals, petrochemicals, water etc. 
  • Floating Roof Tanks The roof of tank rises and lowers with the level of stored contents, thereby reducing vapour loss and minimizing fire hazards. This is common in oil refineries. 
  • Other tank types are Low Temperature Storage Tanks, Horizontal Pressure Tanks, Hortonsphere Storage Tanks etc
At Tatacoms we pay painstaking attention to the following considerations before we embark on any tank farm construction:
  • Local codes and regulations
  • Client Specification
  • Topography
  • Adjacent process facilities
  • Neighbouring commercial and residential properties
  • Maintenance and Operation
  • Identification of tank type based on fluid stored
  • Safety considerations/Statutory requirements
  • General/Plot plan arrangement
  • General piping layout
  • Material for construction
Constructing a tank farm for a refinery is time-intensive and complex. Fortunately, our construction team is equipped to handle it. We handle every aspect of the construction process, including piping, electrical work, welding and performance testing.


TATACOMS provides optimal facility management services by employing up to date methods and expertise in carrying out these services. Under this scope we have minor mechanical and civil works, upkeep of property and maintenance.

> Mechanical Works

Rehabilitation and Repairs of Production Facilities

TATACOMS provides rehabilitation and repair services for Pipelines, Flowstations, Platforms, Gas Compression Plants including Valves, Separators,etc.
 We also undertake maintenance of
- Air conditioning
- Electrical and lightening system
- Plumbing and cleaning system

> Electrical Work

- Electrical wiring and installation of fire alarms network and alarm panel
- Security System (CCTV, Fire and Raid Alarm.) 
- Internal Electrical Installation (Lighting, power receptacles, etc.)  
- Refrigeration &cooling systems 
- Electrical Installation of Fire protection Equipment  

> Civil/ Structural Works

- Dredging Works
- Water Treatment Facilities
- Excavation and Miscellaneous concrete works
- Erection of Buildings
- Construction of cell sites
- Installation of Fence and Razor wire round cell site
- Casting of generator, shelter and transformer skids
- Erection of towers
- Piling and casting of mast foundation and erection,  retaining wall. 
- Installation of chain link fence around tower area
- Drilling and casting of bored piles
- Rehabilitation of buildings
- Water Projects (Borehole Drilling and Distribution)
- Drainage works
- Structural concrete works.


TATACOMS Dredgers offers good quality and cost-effective service in construction, environmental, navigational and recreational dredging. TATACOMS dredgers core competences are in the excavation activities in which materials are recovered from beneath the water surface. The purpose is generally to gather bottom sediment and either dispose it at a different location or use these sediments towards satisfying the demands of customers. 

> Technology & Dredging Techniques

As a dredging Company, we chose to use submersible slurry pump as a key dredge component due to its uniqueness. The submersible pump is fully immersed in the spoil, with the aid of a multistage water pump.
Then a centrifugal pump that serves as booster pump is incorporated midway on the flow line to ensure high flow rate with zero line plug. This booster pump has a whistle pipe at the suction end to manage pressure held up in the flow line in times of cavitations. The floating pontoon measuring (40 X 20 X 5 feet) is floored with 10mm plate and erected with 8mm plate.

The centrifugal water pump is meant to supply high volume of water to the slurry pump in order to fluidize the surroundings where the slurry pump is working, since it is fully submerged in sand. All the components are electrically powered with a sound proof generator.

This model of dredger, pumps more sand than the regular surface dredgers because the pump is dwelling in the spoil, rather than straining to suck from the surface. We don’t have issues with priming and stuff box leakage. The flow is intermittently installed with discharge valves incase the flow line gets plugged.


Newly constructed or refurbished plants,  pipelines are pre-commissioned to ensure  
that the pipe meets the requirements of the  clients. TATACOMS team of engineers offer Pre-commissioning services in line with engineering standards. 


TATACOMS supplies the following items, units, skids, tools and equipment to the industries:
- Valves – All Types Used In The Oil And Gas – Ball, Butterfly, Check, Gate, Needle Valves And Pressure Relief Valves.
- Crude Oil, Gas and Liquid Samplers, Injectors And  Probes 
- Instrumentation Panels for Pneumatic Supply For Control Panel; Filter Dryers, Scope for Meter Tubes Compressors and Pipeline Inspection, Metering Systems 
- Fire And Safety Equipment: All Types Of Safety Equipment Such as Extinguishers, Safety Boots, Helmets, Gloves, Respiratory Covers and Coveralls. 
- Skids For Gas and Light Liquid Hydrocarbon Measurement,  Regulation and Control Chemicals, Drilling Mud Fluids and Additives.  
- Generators, Power And Distribution transformers, Process Control And Instrumentation Equipment And Systems, Sub-Stations And Transmission Line equipment. 


Tatacoms Salvage is a leading offshore decommissioning and wreck removal company, among other things known for supporting and working with agencies of government in charge of the maritime sector in emergency response, waterways expansion as well as ridding the maritime sector of equipment wreckages scattered across the territorial waters of Nigeria.
Our technically sound team bring their expertise to bear on several projects which defines why we are adjudged to have one of the most robust service offerings in the salvage industry.

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