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Safety practices in our operation is fundamental in the implementation of our corporate objectives, therefore we have in place :
A published policy that fulfills our statutory obligations with respect to safety, health, environmental and security matters, and also a manual which establishes procedures and responsibilities to ensure that all activities undertaken by TATACOMSare carried out in such a manner that will protect host communities, health, safety and security of our personnel and other third parties while, at the time, preventing damage to properties and environment.

The management of the company is committed to a policy of Quality Assurance throughout the company activities, ensuring that the professional service quality satisfies the specific requirements of all clients. It is the policy of the company to market only professional services of a quality that will merit and earn client satisfaction by performing all functions reliably and effectively.
This means:
  • We find the solutions that best suit our client
  • We meet and exceed our client's expectations in terms of both delivery and specification
  • Every project is thoroughly supervised
  • We are open and honest about deadlines and costs
  • Our staff are trained to give a polite, efficient and friendly service
  • We promote continuous improvement to refine and improve communication, control procedures and training to further improve our level of quality assurance.

The nature of our activities places particular emphasis and demands on the experience and expertise of the staff employed. High levels of responsibility and reliability are associated with all aspects of our work and a commitment to continued professional development and training exists to ensure that all staff are suitably qualified and equipped to meet these requirements.
The directors of the company have given the Quality Representative full authority to carry out the Quality Assurance Policy of the company, and all company personnel are required to co-operate with the Quality Representative in carrying out this task.

Every employee of TATACOMSLimited carries this responsibility for the Company's commitment to Community Affair, Safety, Health, Environment and Security policy (CASHE) and is expected to show dedication to it.
  • CASHES is an integral part of the Company activities and responsibility. Managers are appraised on the basis of their CASHES performance.
  • The CASHES policy is applicable to all employees; client representatives, subcontractors, suppliers and any third parties involved in the Company operations. Compliance with the CASHES Policy is a condition of employment and the responsibility of each employee.
  • The CASHES policy addresses respect for the Health of the individual and respect for the Environment in the execution of safe and efficient operations.
  • The Company will provide training to all employees to operate in a safe and conducive manner.
  • The company providing the necessary protective equipment for accident prevention and or survival under emergency.
  • The company encourages employees to be security conscious making sure that valuable assets and sensitive information on the company or client’s operation are guarded.

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